A Grazing Table is the most spectacular way to impress your guests at your next celebration.

This self-service table will go above + beyond your guests’ expectations of lukewarm pasta in chafing dishes and mostly stale dinner rolls.

Grazing tables are the height of casual elegance, offering bountiful options + seemingly never-ending abundance.

Though you may think you need a full main course to satisfy your guests- we are here to challenge that thought! We find that most people are thrilled to fill up on appetizers. They can choose more things and taste what they might not otherwise!

Many a friend have been made over a Graze, where your guests will gather to oooh and ahhh and question each other on what they should pair a fig with. Grazing Tables foster the movement of your celebration, guests are free to roam and nibble and chat all they’d like instead of having to find which folding chair suits them best.

Grazing tables are also a perfect option if your venue doesn’t have a full kitchen. We are able to provide extraordinary (and quite grammable) food most anywhere!

Designed to offer your guests a world of choice, the Classic Graze is a perfect option for 8-100 guests. We guarantee the freshest produce, an array of handmade dips and spreads, Colorado sourced charcuterie, and plentiful cheese to allow your guests to create their own edible work of art!

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Grazing Boards

For smaller events, we also offer Grazing Boards. This ready-to-go box is filled with the same goodies you’d find on a Grazing Table, but can be dropped off pre assembled! We have them in three sizes to suit any party, from the ‘let’s have the neighbors over this Friday’ to a corporate luncheon. Order yours today!