Medium Board (serves 10-12)

Medium Board (serves 10-12)


Our Signature Cheese Boards are the perfect addition to your next gathering. The Large Board includes 4 cheeses and 2 cured meats that change seasonally along with Mediterranean Olives, assorted nuts, crackers (salted olive oil and gluten free variety), artisanal jam, local seasonal fruits and crudite finished with fresh herb and floral garnishes.

Current Cheese & Meat Selections:

Saint Andre
a delicate, creamy french cheese with a buttery finish

Extra Sharp Vermont Cheddar
aged over 18 months, this variety is extra crumbly and has a bite to it!

Double Cream Gouda
this crowd pleaser pairs extremely well with fresh apples and berry jams

like it’s been cut from bleu marble, stinky and delicious!


// please note that just cheese boards with no meat will still contain all four cheeses listed above, just more volume to accommodate for the lack of meat
// also note that we source what’s local and available and best looking at the market each week so the boards may vary from what you see pictured!
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